Treasure hunts

A cool puzzly adventure that takes you around the best sights in Dubrovmik in a smart and creative way! 

Choose your treasure hunt adventure


Payments can be made CASH, in kuna, on the spot.
No cancelation fees!

2 players – 230kn / player
3 players – 200kn / player
4 players – 185kn / player
5 players – 170kn / player
6 players – 150kn / player


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What is a treasure hunt?

Treasure hunts are games in which players search for hidden objects by following a trail of clues, while discovering the city of Dubrovnik.

Players enjoying an escape room team building game in Dubrovnik

How does it work?

Accept the challenge

You and your team will step into a room with captivating scenery to experience a real adventure game. You have to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to complete its mission.

Look for clues

Search everywhere, open all the doors, boxes, interact with the decor elements and look for things that have a connection between them.

Brain it out

You don't have to be Einstein to finish the game, but you need attention to detail, intuition, thinking out of the box, a little logic and a lot of curiosity and imagination.

Work as a team

Communication and teamwork are the key to success. Talk to your team and help each other throughout the game, everything will be easier!

Race the Clock

It is more difficult than it seems, because time is your enemy. You only have 60 minutes. Can you finish the mission before time runs out?

Ask for help

If you get stuck during the game and do not know how to solve a challenge, you can always ask for help. This way you can get through the difficult moments more easily and finish the game!