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Live Video Escape Rooms

60 minutes of fun, puzzles and mysteries!!

Are you bored at home? Do you miss hanging out with your friends and family, doing something cool and fun together?
Worry not, we have something special for you! 
Try one of our Live Video Escape Game directly from your couch. A live avatar is at your command through live video, and you have to direct him to discover clues, solve puzzles and finish the mission in time!

All you need is a laptop / desktop computer and a stable internet connection!

How Live Video Escape Rooms work?

The game takes place in a real escape room. You will connect with our live avatar through a live video feed (ZOOM) and direct him around the room. He is completely at your command, your eyes and hands inside the game world, so based on your instructions, he will pick up items, discover clues and unravel mysteries. 
You and your friends are the brains, hence you will have to work together to put all these head to head and solve the puzzles behind them, so you can tell the avatar how to solve the mission of the game. 
Live Video Escape Rooms allows you to have fun with your friends and family, while practicing social distancing, from the comfort of your houses!

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One game

Live avatar escape room
50 up to 6 connections
  • 60 minutes

Two games

Live avatar escape room
90 up to 6 connections
  • 60 minutes

Our Live Video Escape Rooms

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A quest for wildfire

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Game designed with real history facts!

Game features

Live Avatar

Feel like you are inside the room through the Live Avatar's point-of-view. He is always at your command and can perform task for you.

360 panorama

Get a sense of the surrounding where the game takes place and discover things by yourself.

Inventory System

Keep track of the items you find during the game to make your gameplay experience smoother.

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