Dubrovnik for couples: discover spectacular romantic places

Romantic sunset with a heart in Dubrovnik for couples

Dubrovnik has a lot to offer for couples as it is full of romantic and magical places. If you have ever wandered the streets of the Old Town, I am sure you will agree it makes you feel like in a fairytale.

It is a popular wedding and honeymoon destination, but besides that, Dubrovnik is also a perfect proposal spot. 

We are going to show you the most romantic places in Dubrovnik to enjoy with your significant other & ideas for best proposal spots. 

The only thing beter than enjoying your holidays with your significant other is making that trip life-changing – by popping the big question! Make your proposal special and unique, just like your bride to be is.

Best activities in Dubrovnik for couples

1. Explore the romantic places in Old Town Dubrovnik

Old Town Dubrovnik is full of spectacular places that are worthy of just about any magazine cover. Actually, most of the locals have their engagement and wedding photography set up in the Old Town, exactly for this phenomenal romantic vibe.

Wherever you go, you cannot go wrong. Some of the classic picture perfect romantic places in Dubrovnik are: Ploče Gate with the view of the Old Port, The square in front of Revelin fort, Porporela pier, Dubrovnik West harbour overlooking Lovrijenac fort, Gradac park…

Your options are pretty much countless. Just make sure you immortalize your special moment, by taking a picture to share with you family & friends. 

2. Head up to Mount Srđ for unforgettable sunsets

Go to Srdj for a memorable proposal  that will make you feel like on top of the world.

What better thing to do then to enjoy the beautiful view of the whole Dubrovnik in the fresh air? Hiking to the top or taking a cable car so you can have a romantic dinner or sip coffee, feels like a piece of paradise with your better half.

See the most astonishing sunsets from the top of Mount Srdj.  Not only will you have a breathtaking view of the entire Dubrovnik, you will have the coastline and island archipelago to admire. It is definitely our favorite romantic places in Dubrovnik to escape the crowds and feel some peace.

couple in dubrovnik enjoying a romantic sunset over elaphiti islands

3. Escape to Lokrum Island

A 10 minute ferry ride to the most wonderful island near Dubrovnik will delight you and your significant other. Not only can you take a walk in the nature and meet friendly bunnies and peacocks, you can make a picnic anywhere on the island. 

After a nice romantic stroll, we recommend to pop the ring in the picnic basket, or perhaps use the 11th century monastery ruins for something more of extraordinary. 

4. Get extra privacy with a boat rental

What’s the most romantic scene from the movies? Rose and Jacks kiss on the deck of the Titanic. 

You too can feel like flying by taking a boat tour and soaking in the delightful sights Dubrovnik has to offer with sea air on your skin. Watch the sundown while cruising between the islands while hugging your significant other. Can it get more romantic than that? Only if you propose. 

5. Soak up the sunset on a beach

Croatia is famous for its clear sea and the beaches in Dubrovnik are pretty as a picture. Enjoy some fun activities such as scuba diving or taking a kayaking tour. Or just do the classic romantic thing – lay on the beach sipping cocktails looking at the sunset. 

Take a bottle of good local wine, enjoy the perfect sunset, and when you are ready, make this the most romantic place and memory in Dubrovnik, one you will remember for the rest of your lives. 

6. Adventure up in Dubrovnik Escape Room

Escape rooms are the perfect date night activity for the adventurous, where you and your partner use your wits to escape from an immersive, entertaining scenario. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of working together to solve a puzzle or complete an escape room—it’s pure magic and makes for an unforgettable date experience.

Grab your partner and combine your minds to Save King’s Landing or discover Dubrovnik Legends. Immersing in this one hour adventure  will strengthen your bonds, bring you closer and deepen your relationship.

Dubrovnik for couples: date night in an escape room brings you closer and gives you something to talk about

If you are looking to propose your significant other, for an extra element of surprise arrange with us the ring to be in the final puzzle instead of the clue. The look on her face after finding out this is not a game, but actually a proposal, will be priceless and something to remember forever on.

What's your favourite thing to do in Dubrovnik for couples?

Hope you liked our proposals for romantic things you can do in Dubrovnik. We are sure you lovebirds will find something to spend your hard earned holiday. Tell us in the comments what and why did you choose!

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