Exploring Dubrovnik: Your Complete Guide to the Dubrovnik Pass

Home Are you planning a trip to the enchanting city of Dubrovnik? Heard about the Dubrovnik Pass but unsure if it suits your travel plans? Let’s explore if it’s the key to saving you both time and money. Dubrovnik Pass: All you need to know What is Dubrovnik Pass? Dubrovnik Pass is a tourist card […]

The Ultimate Guide to Lapad, Dubrovnik: Beaches, Dining & All You Need to Know

A guide to Lapad Dubrovnik - 2023 all you need to know

Home Lapad offers a refreshing and cost-effective alternative to the bustling Old Town. Here, you’ll discover budget-friendly options for drinks, dining, and accommodation, making it an ideal choice for savvy travellers. Plus, it’s home to an array of stunning beaches, perfect for soaking up the Mediterranean sun. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds or […]

Visiting Dubrovnik with kids [2024 inspiring family activities guide]

Wandering the streets of Dubrovnik with a toddler

Home Is Dubrovnik suitable for children? Dubrovnik is a fantastic destination for families with kids. From toddlers to teens, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re exploring the city walls, many beautiful beaches, crystal clear warm sea or medieval forts you’re sure to create unforgettable memories with your little ones. Although exploring the Old […]

Dubrovnik for couples: discover spectacular romantic places

Romantic sunset with a heart in Dubrovnik for couples

Home Dubrovnik has a lot to offer for couples as it is full of romantic and magical places. If you have ever wandered the streets of the Old Town, I am sure you will agree it makes you feel like in a fairytale. It is a popular wedding and honeymoon destination, but besides that, Dubrovnik […]

Dubrovnik when it rains: 15 amazing things to do in 2024

What to do in Dubrovnik When it rains

Home Born & raised in Dubrovnik, I have experienced all the weather seasons Dubrovnik has to offer. From burning hot summer to crazy strong winds and endless rainy days. Being very passionate about travel I know sometimes you cannot avoid bad weather, even in a dreamy location like Dubrovnik. If you are wondering what can […]

Top 9 Things to Do in Dubrovnik for families

What to do in Dubrovnik with kids

Home If you are looking for top things to do in Dubrovnik for families, you are on the right place! Dubrovnik is not only a beautiful Croatian medieval town on the coast of the Adriatic but is also surprisingly family-friendly. Dubrovnik is great for families since it has many beautiful beaches, crystal clear warm sea, […]

Ultimate Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik (2023 guide)

Escape room is the most immersive game of thrones experience in Dubrovnik

Home Dubrovnik, a beautiful city on the coast of Croatia, is a must-visit destination for fans of the hit TV series Game of Thrones. It is the real-life location of King’s Landing, the capital city of the Seven Kingdoms in the show. Dubrovnik’s stunning architecture, historic landmarks, and breathtaking coastline served as the perfect backdrop […]