Dubrovnik Legends:
From Past to Present

Unique and exciting adventure that takes you through Dubrovnik’s cultural heritage

Step back in time and experience the city’s history in a unique and interactive way. Inspired by the city’s rich history, Dubrovnik Legends: From Past to Present is a captivating escape room experience that provides a unique and immersive way to explore Dubrovnik’s heritage. 

Unlike other attractions in Dubrovnik, this game offers a chance to engage with the past through a thrilling interactive adventure. As players solve puzzles  they’ll feel like they’re part of a legendary tale, testing their skills and wit. 

It’s a fun, challenging and memorable activity for friends and families alike, and the perfect way to add some excitement and adventure to your trip to Dubrovnik. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast, history buff, or just looking for a fun activity, an escape room in Dubrovnik is an adventure you won’t forget.

If you’re looking for something truly special and unique in the city, Dubrovnik Legends is an exciting experience not to be missed!


2 players – 30€ (226.03kn) / player
3 players – 28€ (210.97kn) / player
4 players – 26€ (195.90kn)/ player
5+ players – 25€ (188.367kn)/ player
Children 6-12 – 20€ (150.69kn) / child
Children <6 y.o. – FREE

Official rate 1 EURO = 7.5345kn

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Recommended for

History buffs

The game is created using real history facts about Dubrovnik

Escape Room Enthusiasts

Our escape room is highly rated by escape room enthusiasts.

Kids & families

A fun and educational game that teaches you a bit of Dubrovnik's History

Couples & friends

Spend an hour of puzzle solving, mind boogling challenges and lots of fun!

Ready to dive into Dubrovnik Legends: From Past to Present
& discover its hidden secrets?
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Not sure? Read our reviews:

Great family adventure
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Our family had a great time - one of the highlights of our trip to Dubrovnik! Highly recommended for kids. Our 9 year old boy and girl loved solving the puzzles with their parents.
Had an amazing time playing this room!
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Had a blast playing this escape room. We played many rooms as a team but not many with the two of us and this room was perfect for it. Great puzzles and not just locks and keys. The decor was amazing and fitted the theme perfectly. Friendly and enthusiastic game master! Would definitely recommend playing this room!
Raymond K
Having done dozens of escape rooms, I’d say this is top five.
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Great. Not to hard. Better for smaller groups. Nice owner. Two great rooms. Both gave a challenge. Come here if you live in or visit Dubrovnik.
Mattew A
Best Experience Ever!!!
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Best escape room experience ever! Most fun in the entire trip! And the host is the nicest of all! I recommand that everyone should go and experience that.