Winter is coming: Save King's Landing

The ultimate Game of Thrones activity in Dubrovnik

Get ready for a mission of epic proportions. King’s Landing’s in deep trouble. The Baratheon fleet’s just an hour away, and trust me, it’s not a friendly visit.

Our clever King had a little trick up his sleeve: wildfire, a fiery substance that’s got a mean streak—it burns everything, even water. But the meister working on it, poof, gone! No goodbye note, nothing. That’s where you come in.

Tyrion’s counting on you, his loyal Kingsguards, to step up. Head into the secretive lab and find that elusive wildfire before things get… hot.

Tick-tock, the enemy’s closing in. The fate of the Kingdom is in your hand! Will you be the ones to save the day?

Off Season Prices

Prices are valid for bookings made until 31.03.2024. 

2-3 players – 60
4-6 players – 80€

Get 20% discount with Dubrovnik Pass

What's included:

-1 hour game
– free souvenir
– 20% discount on your second game
20% discount on kayaking, walking tour, zipline
– free photo on the Iron Throne in the official shop

Recommended for

Game of Thrones fans

Enter the world of your favourite TV show and feel like you are part of the show!

Kids & families

Escape room is a cool and captivating activity, that stimulates kids' creativity, problem solving, team work and communication skills.

Escape Room Enthusiasts

Our escape room is highly rated by escape room enthusiasts that had visited us so far!

Couples & friends

Searching for ideas for a thrilling date with your better half, or you just look for places to have fun with your friends in Dubrovnik, this is for you!

The fate of the kingdom is in your hands!

Step into the world of Game of Thrones and embark on a thrilling adventure in an escape room experience inspired by the epic battle that took place in Dubrovnik’s alter ego, Kings Landing!

In this one-of-a-kind adventure, you and your team will need to work together to find the secret stash of wildfire before Baratheon’s fleet arrives to destroy everything in its path. With its unique theme and creative setting that transport you to another world, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the action as you solve each clue and puzzle.

The hour-long escape room activity is perfect for friends, families and corporate team buidlings who love Game of Thrones or are just looking for a thrilling and immersive experience in Dubrovnik (no knowledge of the show is required).

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to spend an afternoon or evening , be sure to check out this fantastic Game of Thrones inspired game. The thrill of saving King’s Landing will be an adventure you and your friends will not forget! 

Are you ready to become the hero of Westeros?

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Best escape room in Croatia!
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Feeling energized after finishing the Game of Thrones escape room!! There’s a diverse selection of puzzles that really get you thinking, the aesthetic is beautiful and feels so authentic, it’s easy to slip back in time and get lost in the mission. We loved this room so much that we booked the other one too. The owner is such a cool guy who is clearly passionate about what he does. He also gave us some great Dubrovnik recommendations for our time here.
Michelle L
Was great fun!
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Well thought out and challenging. The host was helpful and engaging. Escape room was designed in a way that even those who did not watch Game of Thrones could solve the problems
Mattew A
Best Experience Ever!!!
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Best escape room experience ever! Most fun in the entire trip! And the host is the nicest of all! I recommand that everyone should go and experience that.
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