Treasure of Dubrovnik

Inspired by Dubrovnik's History


In the medieval ages, Dubrovnik was a small yet influential republic (Republic of Ragusa). They were very good at two things, Diplomacy and Trading, and that’s how they gathered a lot of wealth. At the peak of the Republic, Dubrovnik had the 3rd largest navy in the world.


In 1667 there was a huge earthquake that almost destroyed the whole city, and a big part of the treasure of Dubrovnik was burried under the ground, so everyone thought it was lost.

A local legend says that a secret society saved this treasure and put it in a safe place in the Rector’s Palace, which today is a museum.

Your mission

Since you are prefessional treasure hunters, we would like to hire you to solve this mystery. The legend says that all the informations that will lead to the treasure are hidden inside the museum, and we hope you can break the secret.

But you need to go unnoticed, since the authorities don’t believe the legend or that the treasure still exists.


Sneak inside the museum and bring proof the treasure exists!

Do you accept the challenge?

Booking in advance is recommended, especially in the off season or bad weather days

Recommended for

History buffs

The game is created using real history facts about Dubrovnik

Escape Room Enthusiasts

Our escape room is highly rated by escape room enthusiasts.

Kids & families

A fun and educational game that teaches you a bit of Dubrovnik's History

Couples & friends

Spend an hour of puzzle solving, mind boogling challenges and lots of fun!


2 players – 230kn / 30€ / pp*
3 players – 215kn / 28€ / pp*
4 players – 200kn / 26€ / pp*
5 players – 180kn / 24€ / pp*
6 players – 180kn / 24€ / pp*

*pp – prices per player
Payments can be made CASH, in kuna, on the spot.
 No cancelation fees!


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Iron Throne
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Great combination of creativity and hospitality
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What an amazing experience! Definitely the best one hour we spent during our vacation in the stunning city of Dubrovnik!
Time well spent!
Read More
I have been here with a friend. It was very fun. The puzzles are very cool and advanced enough so you use a little bit of that brain power. I really recommend this to anyone thats looks for a time well spent. You should check Game of Thrones one too.
Best escape room in Croatia!
Read More
Feeling energized after finishing the Game of Thrones escape room!! There’s a diverse selection of puzzles that really get you thinking, the aesthetic is beautiful and feels so authentic, it’s easy to slip back in time and get lost in the mission. We loved this room so much that we booked the other one too. The owner is such a cool guy who is clearly passionate about what he does. He also gave us some great Dubrovnik recommendations for our time here.
Michelle L
Was great fun!
Read More
Well thought out and challenging. The host was helpful and engaging. Escape room was designed in a way that even those who did not watch game of thrones could solve the problems
Great family adventure
Read More
Our family had a great time - one of the highlights of our trip to Dubrovnik! Highly recommended for kids. Our 9 year old boy and girl loved solving the puzzles with their parents.
Brilliant escape room
Read More
Brilliant escape room, really well thought out puzzles! Great games master 100% recommend a trip there.
Had an amazing time playing this room!
Read More
Had a blast playing this escape room. We played many rooms as a team but not many with the two of us and this room was perfect for it. Great puzzles and not just locks and keys. The decor was amazing and fitted the theme perfectly. Friendly and enthusiastic game master! Would definitely recommend playing this room!
oliviajwalshSo much fun!
Read More
This was great fun for all the family especially on a rainy colder day! We had great fun and we talked about it all the way home!
Raymond K
Having done dozens of escape rooms, I’d say this is top five.
Read More
Great. Not to hard. Better for smaller groups. Nice owner. Two great rooms. Both gave a challenge. Come here if you live in or visit Dubrovnik.
Fun puzzles
Read More
We participated as a duo. A really fun first time experience with an escape room. Gamemaster is a super nice guy. Highly recommend to tourists looking for a break from the sun.
Mattew A
Best Experience Ever!!!
Read More
Best escape room experience ever! Most fun in the entire trip! And the host is the nicest of all! I recommand that everyone should go and experience that.
Tuomas V
Good escape room
Read More
Good, enjoyable puzzles. Good difficulty for our group. Staff was friendly and flexible with time too.
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