An online, multiplayer, turn based, role-playing strategy game for you and your friends to hang out together online, no matter where they are!

A combination of RISK, Mafia and Tycoon, but with NUKES at hand!

A social deduction game where nuking other countries is allowed!
(and often recommended)

How it works

The game takes place online, via ZOOM. Players will be divided in teams, each team representing a country on the world’s stage. 

The game has 6 rounds during which you can develop and defend your cities, drop nuclear bombs at other countries, enter (or break) alliances, deceive or be deceived, negociate, bluff and weave intrigues. 

You have only ONE GOAL, become the country with the highest standard of living at the end of the game, and gain SuperPower status, hence Rule the World.

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Game features

Live Avatar

Feel like you are inside the room through the Live Avatar's point-of-view. He is always at your command and can perform task for you.

360 panorama

Get a sense of the surrounding where the game takes place and discover things by yourself.

Inventory System

Keep track of the items you find during the game to make your gameplay experience smoother.

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