Live video escape game

Save King's Landing

Virtual Escape Room game inspired by Game of Thrones

Baratheon’s fleet is attacking King’s Landing. He gathered the biggest fleet ever seen, and we dont have enough canons or men to defeat them.

The only chance to save the city is to destroy the fleet using the wildfire brewed by Grand Meister Hallyne, the pyromancer, but the damn old man hid himself somewhere in the dungeon. A frightened old fart!

Tyrion, the King’s Hand, gave you a magic potion that, after you drank it, gave you the ability to telephatically control Sir Dontos, the city’s fool, around the alchemy lab in order to locate the wildfire! 
Do it in time and save the Kingdom!

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60EUR / game
up to 6 connections

!!! All times are CET (Central European Times) !!!
We accomodate US/Can timezones!

World Clock
October 2021
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Game features

Live Avatar

Feel like you are inside the room through the Live Avatar's point-of-view. He is always at your command and can perform task for you.

360 panorama

Get a sense of the surrounding where the game takes place and discover things by yourself.

Inventory System

Keep track of the items you find during the game to make your game smoother.

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