Treasure of Skull Island

Chapter 2

Aye, mateys. 
Glad we reached a deal. Your offer is the right one! This gold will make my retirement easier.

I got tired of chasing this treasure of Skull Island. Legend talks about a vortex arhipelago you have to navigate to find the island, and i’m my old bones cannot endure such a quest.

Many ships got their anchors stuck on the bottom of The Great Vortex. They are all pursuing the dream of finding the treasure, but only the crew from one ship has the right way to navigate the Vortex Arhipelago and reach skull Island.

Some ships lost a lot of booty while stuck, and a lot of things got washed out on the shore all around the island. With my wooden leg, i cannot walk around to see what else is out there, but this chest caught my attention. And the bottle of Rum, of course! Hic!

There you go, the treasure is yours now! May the odds be with you!