Save King's Landing


Our sworn enemy Baratheon is about to attack King’s Landing. He gathered the biggest fleet ever seen, and we don’t have enough canons or men to defeat them.

Our only chance to save the kingdom is to use the wildfire, a potion so powerful it burns and melts everything it touches. Yet the Grand Meister Hallyne, the pyromancer that brewed the potion, disappeared & is nowhere to be found! 

Tyrion, the King’s Hand, gave you a magic potion that, after you drank it, gave you the ability to telephatically control Sir Dontos, the city’s fool. Use him to explore the alchemy lab & find the wildfire!

We have exactly 60 minutes before the enemy attacks. Please hurry!! 

How to play

Guide the avatar

Dontos is a stupid man, who doesnt know anything about life (except drinking), so you have to direct his every step! Your commands will appear as his own thoughts and ideas, so you need to tell him exactly what you want him to do! Tell him to move around the room, to read or do things of you. Otherwise he will just do nothing, and you will have to suffer his silly thoughts!

Use 360 room view

In the game page, you will find a 360 panorama view of the room with action points. Use it to get a sense of the surroundings, to discover the things in the room  and to move your avatar around more easily


During the game, the avatar will find items that have a 4 character code on them. These can be added into the inventory by the designated Inventory Master (IM) by typing the codes in the form provided.
THE CODES HAVE TO BE WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Once the inventory master added them, he has to tell the other players to refresh the inventory
. Once you used the items to solve a puzzle, you can remove them from the inventory, as you will never use them again.

If you think the inventory is too complicated to use, you can always use a pen and paper to keep track of the items found in the room.

Zoom - Game page Split screen

The best way to play the game is on a desktop/laptop computer. We recommend to minimize the browser window to fit on half of the screen, and the ZOOM window to fit the other half (so you can have access to all the features we implemented on the website & also always see what the avatar is doing). This way, you don’t have to switch between the browser and the zoom app. 

Take me to Save the Kingdom!

Seems like you are ready to go. Well, almost. First, talk to your team and pick one member to be the Inventory Master. He has to log in so he can handle the inventory.  Is not a hard task, just typing some codes in. Use the log in form below to do it.
The others should just follow the following 2 steps

Step 1

Or enter the details bellow into your ZOOM app:
Meeting ID: 984 9657 3417
Password: 942255

Step 2

if you are not the inventory master, click the button below.

Inventory Master Log-in

The credentials are
User: Tyrion Password: GameOfThrones