Secret Treasure of Dubrovnik

In the medieval times, Dubrovnik was a small but powerful republic (called then Republic of Ragusa), which gathered a lot of wealth through trade and diplomacy. In 1667, after the Great Earthquake, a big part of the city’s treasure was buried under the ground.

Though it was thought to be lost forever, rumor has it that a secret society found it, but no one know where they hid it!

Ivan, a young historian employed by the local museum, was always passionate about Dubrovnik’s history. Some time ago, while researching old archives of the Ragusan Republic, he found out that the treasure, which contains lots of gold bars, jewelry and golden Ducats,  is hidden in the Rector’s office, the main exhibition room of the museum. 

Since then, he made a life goal out of finding the treasure and prove everyone that it exists. He thinks he has a lead, so he asked for your help to crack the ancient mystery and agreed to be your eyes and hands inside the museum, since it is too hard for him to crack the code, and needed some expert help for this.

Because management doesn’t believe the treasure exists, they forbidden Ivan to look for it, so he had to sneak in during the night, when the security shift is changing.

You have one hour at your disposal to help Ivan find the treasure and bring proof of it’s existence. 

How to find the treasure

Guide Ivan Around

Although he knows a lot about the history, Ivan tried for the last 2 years to crack the secret, but to no avail. He can show you and explain you things inside the rector’s office through a live feed camera, but you have to tell him what to do, where to look, in order to solve the mystery and find the treasure.

Use 360 room view

He prepared for you some pictures he took inside the room, so you  can get a closer look at what’s inside, while he does other tasks. 
Do use them, since some of them might contain answers needed to lead you to succes.


Some objects inside the room have 4 letter codes on them, a way for the museum to keep an inventory of them. Ivan created a back door to this system, so you can find out more about these objects. The designated person in your team with the inventory should add them using the form, in CAPS LETTERS. Once he did this he has to tell the other members of the team to refresh the inventory.  
In his research about this mystery, Ivan found out that o
nce you used an item, you will never use them again (so maybe it’s a good idea to remove them from the inventory).

If you think the inventory is too complicated to use, you can always use a pen and paper to keep track of the items found in the room.

Mission SetUp

The best way to comunicate with Ivan is on a desktop/laptop computer. He recommends to minimize the browser window to fit on half of the screen, and the ZOOM window to fit the other half (so you can have access to the inventory system and pictures of the room, while also see what Ivan is doing inside). This way, you don’t have to switch between the browser and the zoom app. 

Take me to the museum

Seems like you are ready to go. Well, almost. First, talk to your team and pick one member to be the Inventory Master. He has to log in so he can handle the inventory. The credentials are

User: Museum Pass: R4gus4 


Or enter the details bellow into your ZOOM app:
Meeting ID : 92794831341
Password: R4gus4

Login to inventory