An online, multiplayer, turn based, role-playing strategy game for you and your friends to hang out together online, no matter where they are!

A combination of RISK, Mafia and Tycoon, but with NUKES at hand!

How it works

The game takes place online, via ZOOM. Players will be divided in teams, each team representing a country on the world’s stage. 

The game has 6 rounds during which you can develop and defend your cities, drop nuclear bombs at other countries, enter (or break) alliances, deceive or be deceived, negociate, bluff and weave intrigues. 

You have only ONE GOAL, become the country with the highest standard of living at the end of the game, and gain SuperPower status, hence Rule the World.

Skills at work

This game is the perfect choice to organize an online team building for your team! The game tests lots of skills needed in a business environment and increases intercommunication and working relationships between colleagues!

Team Work



Decision Making


How much does an online team building cost?

It all depends on the size of the team. The price of this activity is per participant. The game can have a minimum of 12 participants, with a recommended average of 30-50 participants.
Although not as interactive as offline ones, online team buildings are much cheaper: D.


for teams of 10-30 people



Corporate PACK

for teams of 31-100 people



The perfect Team Building Online activity for big teams!

The game can accommodate teams of up to 100 people playing at the same time.
This game challenges team spirit, communication, negotiation techniques and diplomacy!