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Online TeaM building Activities

Boost the morale, productivity and cohesion of your team!

If you are looking for a team building activity for teams working remotely, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Employee participating in an online team building activity with his coworkers
Employee participating in an online team building activity with his coworkers

Remote Team Building

With so many people working remotely nowadays, Puzzle Punks offers a fun and interactive online team building activity through which everyone can work together for a common goal. Using the ZOOM app, everyone can join from anywhere.

During this period of Covid-19, it is incredibly important that all members of any team feel connected.  To this end, an virtual team building in the form of a remote escape room, which requires the involvement of all participants, is an excellent way to strengthen relationships at work, to improve team communication and, last but not least, to have some fun!

Interactive Team Building Activity

The games we propose for an online team building with your team are created especially to entertain even the gloomiest colleagues. Throughout the game there are a number of exciting clues and puzzles that must be solved as your team advances to the final goal of the game.

They are designed to allow each team member to use their individual skills. With only 60 minutes left, players have to work under time pressure. But at the same time, he needs to stay calm in order to fully understand the problems facing the team.

To this end, the online team building proposed by us requires you to work together as a whole, while providing continuous motivation, because your team must work quickly and efficiently towards the ultimate goal.

Online Team Building Activity

The perfect Online Team Building activity

Our Virtual Team Building  games are the perfect solution to attract all your colleagues in a common activity. By their nature, games require clear communication and allow all team members to cooperate and advance as a united team. And in the end there is a feeling of satisfaction that comes both from the success of the team and from the fact that each member was able to contribute, individually, to the final result. And that’s a wonderful feeling!

Online team building activities available

Live Video Escape Rooms

A live avatar is at your command through live video, and you have to direct him to discover clues, solve puzzles and finish the mission in time!

World Domination

Welcome to the game where every decision you make changes the world, whether for better or worse! This is a turn-based strategy game based on live interactions (role-playing), which will reveal the true colors of your team.

Prices for Online Team Building Activities

Small Teams

Teams of 2-6 members
EUR 60 / game
  • We recommend: Save King's Landing

Medium teams

Teams of 10-50 members
EUR 20 / player
  • We recommend: World Domination

Big Teams

Teams of 50-100 members
EUR 18 / player
  • We recommend: World Domination

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