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Boost the morale, productivity and cohesion of your team!

If you are looking for an online team building activity for teams working remotely, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Virtual online team building activities for remote teams

Virtual (Online) Team Building Activity

Our Virtual Team Building games are the perfect solutions to attract all your colleagues together in a fun and intriguing activity. By their nature, the games encourage communication and team work, allowing all team members to cooperate and advance as a united team. And in the end there is a feeling of satisfaction that comes both from the success of the team and from the fact that each member was able to contribute, individually, to the final result. And that’s a wonderful feeling!

Online team building activities available:


Online Strategy game for virtual Team-building

Welcome to the game where every decision you make changes the world,
whether it is for better or for worse!
This is a turn-based strategy game based on live interactions (role-playing), which will reveal the true colors of your team!

Skills at work

Team Work



Decision Making


How much doest it cost to organize a virtual team building activity?

It all depends on the size of the team. The price of this activity is per participant. The game can have a minimum of 12 participants, with a recommended average of 30-50 participants.


for teams of 10-20 members



Corporate PACK

for teams between 21-100 members



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Employee participating in an virtual online team building activity with his coworkers

Why choose a Remote Team Building activity for your team?

During this period of Covid-19, it is incredibly important that all members of each team feel connected. With many colleagues working from home, it is important to address mental health issues. To this end, a fun and interactive online team building, which requires the involvement of everyone, is an excellent way to strengthen relationships at work, to improve team communication and, last but not least, to have fun.
With so many people working remotely, Puzzle Punks offers an interactive online team building activity through which all participants can work together for a common goal. Using the ZOOM app, anyone can join from anywhere.

What to expect from a virtual Team Building activity?

1. What is an online team building activity for?
The online team activities we propose are designed to emphasize communication and teamwork, all in the form of an interactive team game. Thus, the participants, although distant from each other, can experience a fun activity with their colleagues.

2. How  does a virtual team building with many participants works?
Participants are divided into teams (maximum 10 teams) of 3-10 players each, depending on the size of the group. Each team represents a country on the world stage. Teams must decide the fate of the country they represent by investing in their economy, in weapons or defense systems, but especially by negotiating with other countries / teams in a diplomatic manner to achieve their goals.

3. What do you need to organize an online team building activity for your team?
Participants need a laptop / computer and an internet connection. There is no need to install the ZOOM application on your computer, it can be played directly from the browser. Your team is definitely already equipped for virtual meetings.

Virtualni online team building