Live video escape ROOM

Secret Treasure of Dubrovnik

Find the most precious treasure of them all!

In the medieval times, Dubrovnik was a small but powerful republic, which gathered a lot of wealth through trade and diplomacy. In 1667, after the Great Earthquake, a big part of the city’s treasure was buried under the ground.

Though it was thought to be lost forever, a secret society found it and hid it inside the Rector’s Office, now open as a museum, but no one knows where.

A young historian employed by the museum, who went rogue, asked for your help to crack the ancient mystery and agreed to be your eyes and hands inside the museum, as long as you share the treasure with him.

Find out interesting things from the past while solving the mystery, put your brain to work and figure out how to get to the treasure.


60EUR / game
up to 6 connections

!!! All times are CET (Central European Times) !!!
We accomodate US/Can timezones!

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September 2021
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Game features

Live Avatar

Feel like you are inside the room through the Live Avatar's point-of-view. He is always at your command and can perform task for you.

360 panorama

Get a sense of the surrounding where the game takes place and discover things by yourself.

Inventory System

Keep track of the items you find during the game to make your game smoother.

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