Kick Off the HOWLidays

We know, is hard to be apart from our loved ones.
But being apart doesn’t mean we cannot spend time together, online, through the  magic of the internet.

Offer the gift of adventure to someone close your heart!

Live Avatar Escape Room Experience!

A live video interactive experience, full of puzzles, mysteries and humor!
Kids & Family friendly games.

How live video escape rooms work?

The game takes place in a real escape room.

You will connect with our live avatar through a live video feed (ZOOM) and direct him around the room.

He is completely at your command, your eyes and hands inside the game world, so based on your instructions, he will pick up items, discover clues and unravel mysteries. 

You and your friends are the brains, hence you will have to work together to put all these head to head and solve the puzzles behind them, so you can tell the avatar how to solve the mission of the game. 

Live Video Escape Rooms allows you to have a fun and interactive experience with your friends and family, while practicing social distancing, from the comfort of your houses, wherever you are!

Why choose a live video escape room experience as a gift?

Fun without frontiers!

Spend 1 hour of fun, quality time with your friends, family or colleagues, regardless where they are, in the other room or all the way across the other side of the world. Each from his own couch! Great for all ages too!

Brings people together

The nature of the game makes everyone involved, through the interaction with the avatar and other game features. Players have to work as a team to finish the mission! Great for friend gatherings, family reunions, kids friendly!

Safe and mindful

Since the game takes place online, and each player is at home, on his own couch/desk, you are keeping in "touch" with your loved ones, making a fun and safe activity for everyone!

Santa has presents!

This experience is more than just a game. Is a way for you to reconnect with someone you love or miss seeing, in a fun, interactive way, working together to for a greater goal: creating memories together! 

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valid until Christmas Eve!


*gift cards are valid for any of our Online Escape Room games, for up to 6 connections. Gift cards can be redeemed for 1 year.

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