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Chapter 2 | Skull Chest Open

[ChestOpen] Well done, you put your hands on the chest. Open it and see what’s inside! Inventory No posts found!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Aye, mateys. Glad we reached a deal. Your offer is the right one! This gold will make my retirement easier. I got tired of chasing this treasure of Skull Island. Legend talks about a vortex arhipelago you have to navigate to find the island, and i’m my old bones cannot endure such a quest. …

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Intro – S1

Chapter 1 Your ship has shiprecked few days ago after a storm, while you were on a quest to find the Treasure of Skull Island, one of the biggest loots in the history.  You and your crew managed to escape in a small boat, slowly drifting towards the setting sun for hours.  You wake up …

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